The Tatlow Society's
purpose is to expand the mission of collegiate ministries worldwide.

The Society wholeheartedly believes that the Gospel found in Jesus Christ is the hope of the world. However, the harvest remains plentiful and the workers few. The ICEF Monitor, (an intelligence resource for international education) estimates that the total number of students in higher education is expected to reach nearly 380 million by 2030, 472 million by 2035, and more than 594 million by 2040 – all up from roughly 216 million as of 2016. 

As a result, the Society is working in concert with partnering individuals, universities, and collegiate ministries, to expand the mission. It is convening, resourcing, educating, developing, and setting alight, assets to help advance the Gospel in the collegiate world. These partnerships between the Society and others has the hopeful optimism of reaching immeasurable students worldwide with the hope of the Gospel.

"An apostle of the student world..."

Its namesake originates from Tissington Tatlow (1876-1957) who became the British Isles Traveling Secretary for the Student Volunteer Missionary Union (1897) at twenty-one. He was later appointed the Secretary of the associated body, the British College Christian Union (1893), and again named the first Secretary of the Student Christian Movement (SCM), a position he held for 23 years. It was said of him, “He is an Irishman, with a vision rather like that of his American friend John R. Mott, a vision of a whole world first evangelized and then won for Christ.” In official roles, he was involved with the university student world for 32 years, unofficially, Tissington Tatlow was called, “the apostle of the student world”.


Adam Baron


Adam Baron is the Director and at-large Collegiate Minister of the Society. His ministry is apostolic as a convener; resourcing, educating, developing, and setting alight, assets to advance the Gospel in the collegiate world.  Challenging, encouraging, and supporting students and the ministry leaders who work with them, to live vibrant, flourishing, and full lives of faith on mission.

It was said of Tatlow, and can be equally said of Baron, that in him,“…we have a leader wholly consecrated in mind and spirit to the cause of Christ and His Kingdom.” This was evident and executed in Tatlow 100 years ago, and the same torch is carried today by Baron. For 25 years he has worked with college and university students at four different institutions of Higher Education and four different national and international collegiate para-church ministries.

He has served as a Resident Director, Assistant Dean of Students, Dean of Students, Study Abroad facilitator, Retreat Leader, Strategist, and University Instructor; (teaching courses to undergraduate and graduate students like, Issues in Culture & Evangelism, Systematic Theology, The Church & Society, Old & New Testament Survey, Christianity’s Historical Roots & Modern Relevance in China [taught in Shanghai, China], A Short History of Christianity & Missions [taught in England], and his personal favorite, “God on the Quad: The Integration of Faith & Learning” [taught to first-year students in Malibu, California]).

He leads with heart and mind holding three Master degrees from Wheaton, Pepperdine, and King’s College London. In Addition to his KCL dissertation, Student Christianity: Its Roots and Relevance in Christian Missions and Ministry in the Modern Age. He authored and has led college students through the study guide, Jesus Goes to College: Navigating His way of Life with the Gospels as your Compass. (A Christian-living book about following Jesus, the four Gospels, and being a college student).

The point of the Society’s spear is invariably towards the hungry hearts of truth seeking students. Hearts and minds in the critical university years that will eventually lead families, businesses, nations, and civilizations. Inside and out, Adam knows the college and university landscape when students have big questions, attempt worthy dreams, and are making life-altering decisions. “What is my mission? Who might I marry? What am I mastering? Who, or what, is mastering me?” The Tatlow Society strategically operates in these questions with students and collegiate ministry partners pointing them to Jesus Christ.

The stakes have never been higher for the mind and soul of the university and its students.  This is the inspiration and mission field behind the work of The Tatlow Society.

Professional Credentials

College & University Courses

  • Issues in Culture & Evangelism
  • Systematic Theology
  • The Church & Society
  • Old & New Testament Survey
  • Christianity’s Historic Roots & Modern Relevance in China (taught in Shanghai, China)
  • A Short History of Christianity & Missions (taught in England)
  • “God on the Quad”: The Integration of Faith & Learning

Education Background

  • B.A. Wheaton College, Biblical & Theological Studies
  • M.A. Wheaton College, Interdisciplinary – Biblical & Theological Studies & Educational Ministries
  • M.Div. Pepperdine University
  • M.A. King’s College London
  • Dissertation: Student Christianity: Its Roots and Relevance in Christian Missions & Ministry in the Modern Age (with Merit)
  • Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel (Advanced Ancient Language Work)
  • Yale Divinity School, (Special Collections Graduate Research)
  • The Council for Advancement & Support of Education (Summer Institute, Dartmouth College)
  • IUPUI Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, (Philanthropic Studies)

Professional Experience

  • Over the past 25 years, the Director has worked at four colleges & universities, and four collegiate para-church ministries in a variety of roles. He has served both domestically and abroad, as a Student Pastor, Regional Director, Faculty Instructor, Dean of Students, Chairman, Special Assistant, and more. Fundamentally, his God-given calling and super-power is as a connector & networker, strategist, mentor, and ministry friend to students & colleagues. He has a low threshold for sameness, and a keen focus on projects with compound interest. What fuels his engine is a Spirit-led, and Nehemiah-like administrative savvy, doggedness, prayerfulness, generosity, and the convening of people who care passionately about the collegiate world.